its not about waiting

Instead of thinking about what you need to do today.

Try thinking about how you want to feel.

Life isn’t about waiting 

Its about creating

What do you want to feel today?

And then what things can you do, create, generate, connect to, see, eat, touch, feel, that create that feeling in you?

cool eh?

Sometimes I feel like personally I become a victim of my days… I do and do and do and then at the end of the day, decide how it all went.  The above idea is kinda like the opposite.  Thinking about it all in reverse!

SO ANNOUNCING IT OUT LOUD,  today I want to feel JOY, LOVE, LUXURIOUS, and VALUED.  And like I said above, its not about waiting for it!  So im off to go create some joy, love, luxury and value for me and for others!

Today I have invited some lovely women to join me in a small “urban retreat” – relaxing in my home with some yoga, meditation, yummy snacks and journaling!  This idea grew from listening to my heart and thinking about what i want to create, instead of waiting around for something to happen.  🙂

Retiro Urbano

Check out  to learn about the founder of this philosoy and more ideas about this topic!

Let me know what you will be creating today!


Heart Songs – on “being a boomer”

my voice

my voice



sing my soul.

I want to share. I want to express.

choke. swallow. stop. how? with who? where? in what language!? gulp! gosh darn!

So. I have been loving a new special time in my life: Thursday afternoons I take a voice lesson.

Its been amazing to feel my voice move inside me, feel it soar or crack, push it up or down, coo softly, or wail with delight. To feel the many sides of singing, the many tones and colors of my voice.

My dad, well he is a boomer.

And I am not talking about a baby boomer. I always say I can pick him out of a crowd just by his voice. If we ever arrived late to church with mom, all we would have to do is wait for the hymn sing, and I could find dad in seconds. His voice is definitive, operatic, confident, strong, goosebump worthy, and… well, LOUD.

One thing my voice teacher has been working with me on is singing softer. I always tend to go to the loud parts, to go to the fullest feeling of the singing. I think it is because I want to FEEL myself singing – feel like Im really doing it! Maybe singing loudly comes from a need to feel the limits, to know its there… my voice. To feel that I exist, that I can shout, that I can shake a room or vibrate in my body.

my first voice lesson

my first voice lesson

So in my Thursday afternoon lessons, among many other things that I am learning, I am being taught to sing softly. And isn’t it nice. Yes it is.

Its a new feeling. ….I do have to be reminded again and again. “Softer Ashley.”

So here on this blog, my heart whispers. I listen, I speak, I write …not too loudly.

Sometimes i feel it isn’t enough. I feel limited. “I should be writing in spanish,” I think. But up until now, it is flowing in english. So I might as well not force too much, and just let it out how it comes.

Flow. Sing. Coo. Oh, I am so happy for my dad and his booming ways. He is the best boomer I know! And how my heart longs to boom onto my tongue and be able to fill a room with eager listeners, to make a difference, to shout from the rooftops.

but then I realize something.

something big…

maybe I can’t be a boomer to do what my heart is calling for.

maybe its more the gentle whispers that will touch hearts,

that will land in the ears of the sleeping dreamer

that will pull out the desires of radiant ladies

that will bring the mind back to the body

that will guide

that will open

that will support

that will enfuse

that will wait

that will nourish

Softly Ashley.  Softly.

So friends…What is something this weekend, that you can do softly? Do share, I would love to hear your songs.

Much love,


p.s. Thank you Jen for all your loving teachings!