it kinda seems weird.

I gave myself a hug the other day…

and spontaneously burst into tears.

They weren’t tears really of sadness or joy or anything… maybe just relief

relief a the knowing that I can be my own comfort.  I can be my best friend too.

It kinda seems weird.  Im an adult, I have a great husband who gives me lots of hugs.. why would I need a hug from myself?


I was helped along and given permission to do this by the riotous self-love queen SARK who I dearly love.  I saw an interview with her a few months ago, and she un-bashfully said she used to give herself hugs, and how it has grown in to a 10 minute morning ritual of hugging and rolling about – basically exuberant hugging and giving herself all the love she needs for that day.

The SARK Hug - found via google search

The SARK Hug – found via google search

I actually thought it was a little bit ridiculous, but thanks to her open-ness it planted the seed for me to give myself a hug.. and I really can’t remember the last time I did that!  So grateful!

So I invite all who read this –  into the hugging ritual!  I invite you to remember that what we really need is contained within us.  And that our own power to give love, is so magnificent, so transformative, such a change agent, a gift, a radiant beam and heart healer.  We  turn our love  inward, so we can then turn it outward.   

Touch.  Its our 5th sense.  And such an important one.  Touch can so often be a healer and can reach us on a deeper level than words can.  Hugs do that.  What is so beautiful about a hug is that both people recieve.

I love teaching about touch in my classes and recently I did a lesson on just that… the fact that when we give touch, we are also recieving it.  Its such a beautiful connection.  So …I have sufficiently inspired myself to share the wonders of SELF GENERATED HUGS!

touch - in the classroom

touch – in the classroom

Thank you for your presence.  

Feel free to share your thoughts here and I will love to respond.

happy hugging,


p.s.  Yes I am becoming aware there is a theme brewing here with hugs and kisses in my latest posts!  haha!   Well…. enjoy!


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