needed time

So much talk of violence and gun control, and I think, what about the love?

Ive taken in a lot of world and US news in the recent months, weeks, and days.  On wednesday I  felt such a heaviness and sadness, almost a paralysis of it all.

Cooking last night I put on a blues album and found the answer in Eric Bibb’s beautiful interpretation of “Needed Time.” So I challenge myself. And I challenge you. Not out of any cause, but the cause of love. If you believe in Light more than Darkness. Love more than hate. Resolution more than conflict. Can you find it in your heart not to “be right” but to BE LOVE.

Now is the needed time.

now is the needed time for love. for compassion. for outreach. for service. for forgiveness. for understanding. for love, for love, for love.

the challenge is to today, this afternoon, this evening.  Make a list of three people who are in need. I could be financially but most likely behind that is a  spiritual or emotional need. Be the “needed time” for them.

not later. not tomorrow. now.

our world aches each day. and with senseless acts of violence, abuse, and greed. These conditions exist out of fear and can only be cured through the light of love.

one less day for sadness, for loneliness, for violence, for someone.

lets move as one body of compassion. one voice of love.

what ever your job, whatever your position, whatever your creed –

now is the needed time.

You in your unique role, with your unique perspective, talents, experience and wisdom, are in the PERFECT role to help someone.  If you don’t know who to reach out to, just ask that they be sent your way.  Pray or meditate, or just start making a list.  This person will be revealed to you, if you are willing.  IF YOU ARE WILLING, they will come in some form or another.  And you might not even notice it at first.  A new student in your class, a facebook message youve been meaning to get back to.  Open yourself up to the possibility that you could make a difference for someone.  A forgotten neighbor, a friend, a stranger, a cousin on the fringe of society, a service man or woman you see every day.

Sometimes I think we think a challenge like this is just too much to ask.  We don’t have the time, or the money.  But love is free, and easy to give. This doesn’t mean putting on more burden.  Commiting to something you don’t want to do.  NO.  Its realizing you, in your natural state, in your job, in your community, have easily the power to help someone.  It will be of VALUE, LOVE, KINDNESS, SUPPORT, and JOY naturally.


Lastly, if you dear friend are that person who really needs some love.  If you are the one that is in need.  I want you to do three things right now.

1.  reach out in any way and ASK FOR HELP.  I, and many of your friends are just a phone call away.

2. start to forgive yourself for how you are feeling.

3. find 5 ways to give yourself some love.  it could be the silliest things, but something that really lights you up.  Find a frisbee partner in the park, take a hot bath, eat something that is so healthy you can feel it deep in your cells, write a list of all the ways you are inspiring, take a walk just because you love your feet, take yourself out on the town, write yourself a love note and post it on your mirror!



Right now is the needed time, is the needed time, now is the neeeeedeed time
Wooo Riiight now is the needed time, right now in the needed time
I’m down on my bended knees, I’m on my knees, praaayin’ want you come back, come back here?
Yes I’m down on my bended knees, prayiiin want you come back, come back here
Singing Right now is the needed time, right now
Wooo Right now is the neeeded time, now is the neeeeded time
Even if you don’t stay long, oh my Jesus, If you don’t stay long, I’m prayiiin, Come back here
Ohhhhhh Jesus, If you don’t stay long, I’m prayiiin want you come back, come back here
Singing Right now is the needed time, I know you feel the needed time right now
Oooooh Riiight now is the needed time, Right now is the neeeeeded time,
Ooooooh, Oooooh, Bless us!




its not about waiting

Instead of thinking about what you need to do today.

Try thinking about how you want to feel.

Life isn’t about waiting 

Its about creating

What do you want to feel today?

And then what things can you do, create, generate, connect to, see, eat, touch, feel, that create that feeling in you?

cool eh?

Sometimes I feel like personally I become a victim of my days… I do and do and do and then at the end of the day, decide how it all went.  The above idea is kinda like the opposite.  Thinking about it all in reverse!

SO ANNOUNCING IT OUT LOUD,  today I want to feel JOY, LOVE, LUXURIOUS, and VALUED.  And like I said above, its not about waiting for it!  So im off to go create some joy, love, luxury and value for me and for others!

Today I have invited some lovely women to join me in a small “urban retreat” – relaxing in my home with some yoga, meditation, yummy snacks and journaling!  This idea grew from listening to my heart and thinking about what i want to create, instead of waiting around for something to happen.  🙂

Retiro Urbano

Check out  to learn about the founder of this philosoy and more ideas about this topic!

Let me know what you will be creating today!

What you don’t need to plug in…

We all have cell phones right?


We all have our computer that runs out of juice, and our frig that needs electricity to stay cold or everything inside goes rotten.  We have a lot of things that need to be plugged in.

And then we have this body.  A body that miraculously doesn’t need to be plugged in.

Can you believe it?  We just go and go!  Our bodies love us so much, they serve us and run and run.

Even when we don’t always treat them right.

Have you thought about that lately?  How much your body loves you?  How much it serves you.  How it magically knows how to heal from a wound, get better from a cold, how it knows how to grow from a baby to an adult, how it breathes and pumps without our asking or needing you to remind it. By design we grow, we heal we get better.

The heart or cardiac muscle… the muscle tissue of the heart, is one of the most unique kinds of muscle in the body.  It is the energizer bunny of love, adapted for continous loving rhythmic contraction.  The heart is a  magnetic force field, a super charged super power of special tissue that doesn’t get tired.  It doesn’t need to rest, and loving you gives you life, beating over 2.5 billion times by the time you are 66 years old.

Our lungs, they have these lovely lobes.  Like petals.  You have three lung lobes on the your right side, under

Your lungs and heart love you.

Your lungs and heart love you.

your ribs. like scalloped petals. And you have two lovely lung lobes on your left side.

Why?  Because by magical design they made room for your heart.

So when you breath fully into your 5 loving lobes they give a little massage to your heart. Isn’t that just so sweet?

In a recent interview I heard featuring Marianne Williamson, she reminded us of this quote by Albert Einstein:

“The most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or hostile universe.”


Given the above proof, it is hard to deny our universe isn’t divinely made, that even our basic programming, the basic nature of all beings is to grow, heal, get better.  Our hearts love us unconditionally. 

So get out of your own way.

And take a huge breath.  Write down 5 things you can do to love your body, and do them.  Eat deliciously healthy.  Exercise.  Breath deeply.  Care for you.  Care for your body.  Listen to it,  because it cares for you every day.  Our bodies are programmed to love us.

You are divinely designed and magically made.

Love yourself.  And then share that love with another.


Another stunning image by Huebucket:  Daydreamer

Another stunning image by Huebucket: Daydreamer

This post is dedicated to my loving neighbor Ester.  After being in the hospital on the edge of life, she has safely returned home and is recovering slowly.  

Please love yourselves.


If you don’t… who will?